Membership Sunday on March 27

A message from Meagan Cox, Membership Director

Membership Sunday is Coming on March 27!

Membership at Follen Church is a very personal choice. Deciding to become a member typically means a willingness to play an active role in the life of the church, and to donate your time, talent and/or treasure to strengthen our community. Because we are an open religious community with no set creed or dogma, we do not ask our members to profess their faith when joining. One only has to sign the membership book. We do hope that those who are drawn to Follen come because they agree with our Unitarian Universalist Principles, and seek to honor the diversity of community, religious experiences and spiritual practices of our Members and Friends. What matters most in deciding to become a Member at Follen Church, is what that membership will mean to you. There are tangible benefits of membership that include voting privileges at the annual meeting and the ability to hold leadership positions within the Church governance, but there are intangible benefits that are personal to each member.

Our Membership Sunday service will be on March 27 this year, where we invite friends in our community to sign the membership book and become Members in our community. In advance of this service, I wanted to extend an invitation to meet with anyone who is exploring their relationship with Follen and membership feels like it could be the next step for you. In addition, Rev. Claire has asked me to also extend a similar invitation. When she returns from her mini-sabbatical in March, she would be happy to meet with anyone in our community exploring their faith journey. If you’d like to set-up a meeting with either of us, please send an email to or