May’s Worship Theme: Beyond

This month’s worship theme embraces the human hunger for more. UU theologian, Henry Nelson Wieman, once referred to this pull as “The Divine Lure.” What do you yearn for?

This exercise helps us pay attention to what what we yearn for and what is luring us—divine or otherwise.

The instructions are simple.  For a week, start and end each day filling in the blank to the following questions:

“This morning, I yearn for today to contain more __________.”

“Today left me yearning for more ___________.”

Attached is a week’s worth of blanks to fill in. Of course, you may find yourself wanting to write more than one blank line allows. If so, maybe a real diary is what you need.

Come to your group prepared to share how you filled in the blanks. Consider just reading the sentences as you completed them, before you explain or elaborate.

Read/Download May’s Covenant Group Session on “Beyond”