May Spiritual Exercise: Ritual

May– Ritual

Your ritual this month is one of gratitude and mindfulness. At sunrise—if you are an early bird—or sunset, if you prefer—take a moment to look at the sky. Stop the hustle and bustle and go outside if at all possible, for at least one brief minute. Breathe. Look at the sun rising or falling, listen to the world around you, see the signs of spring, smell the smells and feel your body on this moving globe. And say, out loud or silently to yourself, “Thank you, world, for giving me this day. Thank you for life. Thank you for this moment.” Try to do this every day. If you miss a day, that’s okay! Try as best you can to do this ritual as many days as possible this month. How did this simple ritual change your daily experience.

Spiritual Exercises and Covenant Groups: We print the spiritual exercises every week for individual use and also for discussion in Covenant Groups. If you would like to learn more about Covenant Groups, see or speak to Membership Director Andy Wells-Bean.