March Spiritual Exercise: Humility

Humble Practices

Identify one way this month to be “uniquely humble.”

The options are endless:

·         Spend an hour one evening looking up at the stars and contemplate how small—and how lucky—you are;

·         Rather than giving your coworkers advice, humbly ask your coworkers for advice, for a change;

·         Take a risk and humbly ask someone for help or tell them you’re hurting;

·         Send a thank you card to humbly acknowledge a person who helped you get where you are;

·         Anonymously do something nice for someone as a way of humbly not taking credit;

·         Maybe even stand up for yourself as a way of showing you know the difference between humility and humiliation.

The goal is to think more deeply about how humility shows up in your life—and also how humility needs to show up in your life.

Be prepared to talk about why your particular form of humility is so needed in your life right now. What is it you need to see/understand about yourself, others or life in general? And how is your version of humility central to that?

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