March 19 Music Program Update

A message from Music Director Vivian Montgomery

I am going to be taking 10 days off starting March 20, finding space to restore energy and creativity in order to better serve Follen’s musical needs.

The wonderful Jan Maier will be providing music for this Sunday’s online worship. For the following week, our fabulous alto soloist Molly McGuire will help coordinate, with a few others, music for March 29 online worship, leading people in of collective song as well as providing beautiful music from afar. It’s also her hope that we’ll start to bring together links and videos of inspiring and community-building musical resources to offer through Facebook, Zoom, and the newsletter in the coming week. All ideas are welcome and whatever doesn’t happen this month is sure to spill over into future online offerings.

I will be back for the week of Monday March 30, which will include holding Zoom “rehearsals” for Children’s & Youth Choirs, Operetta chorus, and Adult Choir at their usually scheduled times, plus a number of other engaging offerings throughout the week. We’ll find playful, socially distanced ways of preparing for Sunday worship experiences as well as working toward longer term goals (Dvorak mass for Adult Choir, Easter, Operetta, and Freedom Land for Melanie DeMore’s return in June).

I send my love and copious thanks to you and believe that the level of spirit and support coming out of Follen’s woodwork is truly awesome – I know it will continue to thrive after this crisis is over.