Making Music Together – Choirs Resume, and more!

Follen has shown great flexibility and creativity as shepherds of worship and connection in these challenging times. Here are some plans for music in the coming week, as well as longer term hopes for us to be brought together through music:

April 12 –  Easter

One thing that’s sure to happen, involving EVERYONE, is preparation for a Hallelujah Chorus Virtual Choir for Easter – this is something the Mormon Tabernacle has provided a system for, and it’s wonderful. Choir rehearsals will, in part, be used to start that process next week, and all of Follen’s community will be invited to participate the following week as we lead up to Easter on April 12.

Monday, March 30 – Children’s Choir, Operetta Chorus, Youth Choir

Join the Music Zoom Room 4:00-6:30 for remote rehearsal/gathering of Children’s Choir (4:00-4:45), Operetta Chorus (4:45-5:30), and Youth Choir (5:30-6:15). These will be both useful and fun, an opportunity to connect as well as sing. Here’s the Zoom link:

Tuesday, March 31 – Brainstorming, No Name, Adult Choir
Music Zoom Room for remote rehearsal/gathering of brainstormers for April 5 worship music (6:00-7:00), a No Name Choir open sing for all (7:00-7:45), and Adult Choir (7:45-9:00). Here’s the Zoom link:
Spirited Music Meetup with Vivian on Zoom
Thursdays, 5pm starting on April 2 – listen together, talk about our musical experiences and dreams, and learn one of the North Indian speech rhythms (Konakkol) Vivian’s been teaching herself in her down time. Join on Zoom at

I’ve been talking to Melanie DeMore, who is so sad not to be with you all this week. While we still are hopeful about her live presence in June, she and I are committed to remote offerings in the interim that reinforce and expand upon what she started with everyone in February, so stay tuned for opportunities to rejoin her, with soaring songs and Gullah pounding sticks in hand. Meanwhile, here’s a swell little video to remind you of all she does and another you can sing along with her on “Hold Everybody.”

There are numerous other innovative music offerings for the whole community in development for the coming weeks. Listening sessions, open sings, open mics, music conversations, and more – we have a wealth of musical gifts and the desire to share them, so let’s not let a little distance get in the way!