Louis D. Brown Peace Institute’s Mother’s Day Walk for Peace

This year’s Mother’s Day Walk will be held on May 14.

There will be two entry points:

1.) Those who wish to walk the full 6.8 miles will get themselves to the starting point (Dorchester Ave. at Park St.) by the Red Line to Fields Corner, or by car (for on-street parking). The opening ceremony is at 8:00 am; departure for the Walk is at 8:30 am. These walkers will reach Madison Park High School in Roxbury around 9:30 am, where they can join the second group of Follen walkers.

2.) Those who wish to walk 3 miles can take the bus from Follen Church or the T to Roxbury Crossing near the high school. These walkers will leave Madison Park High School at 9:45 am and arrive at City Hall Plaza by 11:00 am, a walk 3 miles.

All walkers are asked to register. There is a $10 registration fee.

An additional donation is not required, but the Mother’s Day Walk is the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute’s chief fundraiser.

To register online and credit any donation to the Follen Church Team, go to Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. Hit Get Involved in the menu bar at the top. Don’t hit Register on the next screen, but scroll down to the List of Teams. Under Follen Church Team, if you hit Donate, you will be able to register with or without a donation.

The free bus from the Follen Church will leave the church at 8:45 am to take walkers to Madison Park High School. The bus will return to Follen by 1:00 pm. You can register for the Walk or sign up for the bus at the Social Justice table, or by contacting Anne Grady at gvp@follen.org.

People who don’t wish to walk, might consider attending the rally at City Hall Plaza from 11:00 to noon.

If you want to donate, but can’t walk, you can make a donation the Social Justice table, or by sending a check to Sarah Garner, made out to the Follen Church, with Mother’s Day Walk in the memo line.

This year again purple “Follen for Peace” T-shirts will be available free of charge in a variety of sizes.