Long-Term Planning Team Survey

January 19, 2024

Dear Follen Members and Friends,

Please respond to this Congregation-wide survey from the Long-Term Planning Team.

Take the Survey!

The Follen Long-Term Planning Team wants to hear from you! Our team’s goal is to engage the Follen community in a conversation that will help us develop a collective understanding of who we currently are as a church, where we envision taking our church in the future, and what the most important areas are for us to commit our time, thought and resources toward NOW to move us towards that future vision. To that end, we’ve devised a simple three question survey that will help us better understand congregants’ perspectives on these important questions.

Once we’ve heard from you, we will seek to identify a manageable list of key themes that emerge from your responses that we hope to explore more deeply with you in the coming weeks and months through dialogue sessions and other forms of engagement.  We’d love to hear from you — so please take a moment to fill out the survey by no later than February 8th.  Thanks in advance for your engagement with this important church discernment process!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at future@follen.org.