Lexington Refugee Assistance Group Now Forming

LexRAP is a recently formed group of concerned people from Lexington and nearby communities calling itself the Lexington Refugee Assistance Program or “LexRAP.” Our focus is to make the area a welcoming place for refugees and to help them directly. LexRAP will be hosting a general information and Fall kick-off session:

LexRAP Public Information Session

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7 PM

Lexington Community Center, Room 237, 39 Marrett Road, Lexington  For more information about the meeting, contact Tom Tsaros at ttsaros@gmail.com.

Discussion topics will include how refugees come to the US, hosting asylum seekers, foster parenting for unaccompanied minors, assisting refugees and their families, fund raising, and a broad array of volunteer support services that are needed. We will also discuss our goals for the upcoming months.