Lexington Interfaith Garden: No Drought of Follen Volunteers

The Harvest Comes Home

This year, the Lexington Interfaith Garden harvested 1,740 pounds of fresh produce (and occasional flowers) for people who sought help from the Lexington Food Pantry.
In its seven years, the garden has donated over 5 tons of produce, in 44 varieties, through the collective efforts of 14 local houses of worship.
Thanks for growing food — and growing community — to the 2016 Follen gardeners: Nancy Alloway, Cristina Burwell, Cindy and Isaiah Carver, Oliver Cotran, Laura Dickerson, Hua Dong, Cas Groblewski, Riley Hellinger, Anne Kelly, Janet Lane, Rosemary McCrudden, Heather and Anya Stephenson, Lil Swanstrom, and Terry Zabik.
Janet Lane is the Follen contact. See interfaithgarden.org.