What is a lay minister?

Lay ministers work with Rev. Claire to provide one-on-one, confidential pastoral care. Our lay ministers widen our circle of caring.

There are many reasons why you might want to talk to a lay minister. Some reasons include major life transitions like the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, financial strain, and chronic or terminal illness. Other reasons might be that you are seeking someone to have conversations about spirituality, or that you are continuing to struggle with a longstanding circumstance, or maybe you just want a soul friend, a friend who can listen, ask meaningful questions, and care for your spirit in a unique and gentle way.

Lay ministers provide a listening, caring space for reflection about your emotional and spiritual journey.

To reach a lay minister contactlayministers@follen.org.



How are lay ministers selected and trained?

They are selected by the minister. Anyone who is interested in becoming a lay minister should speak to the minister in late winter/early spring. The minister may ask candidates to fill out an application or come for an interview to discuss the skills, interests and life experiences that might inform their work in this role.  Before taking any assignments, lay ministers attend a basic training.  During the course of the year, additional training and guidance is offered. Lay ministers serve for a three-year term. They can be asked to serve another three years by the minister but only after at least one year off the team.