June’s Worship Theme: Epiphany

Physicist Freeman Dyson solved the central problem of quantum electrodynamics, a theory that describes how light and matter interact. Dyson was on a Greyhound bus trip across America when the revelation came to him. He said, “…For two weeks I had not thought about physics, and now it came bursting into my consciousness like an explosion.”

He said of scientific theories: “You sit quietly gestating them, for nine months or whatever the required time may be, and then one day they are out on their own, not belonging to you any more but to the whole community of scientists. Whatever it is that you produce, a baby, a book, or a theory, it is a piece of the magic of creation. You are producing something that you do not fully understand.”

Sometimes the greatest wisdom, the most astonishing epiphanies, come when we put everything down and stop seeking, when we set aside time to just be, rather than do. Can you relax your way to wisdom? Give it a try!

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