June Spiritual Exercise: Sabbath

A yearning within reach

Sabbath is, quite simply, a day of rest, when you put down “duty” and pick up “joy.” Give yourself at least one—if not many—sabbath days this month.

What if you started each day saying yes to the yearning of your heart? Would you spend more time outside? Would you rest in the arms of a loved one? Would you laugh with your children? Would you lie on the floor and let your dogs lick your face? Would you call all the lost friends in your phone book? Would you wear the brightest, most outrageous clothes in your closet?

Remember to keep it simple. No need to turn it into an existential life-changing project. Just deal with the day in front of you.

Begin by simply asking: What is my heart’s desire, today? And spend the rest of the day or weekend following up on your answer. After your Sabbath day, notice how easy or hard it is to reenter your normal routine. Come to your group with a report about whether or not your Sabbath time made a difference in your life…and how you think you might be able to continue (or improve) this practice through the summer.

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