Julie Freeman on Nutrition during Covid

Nutrition and our Emotional and Physical Health during Covid
Thursday January 28, 7pm, on Zoom

Join us for a Zoom presentation on January 28 at 7pm by Julie Freeman, RD, nutritional, lifestyle coach and integrative medicine expert. Julie will discuss ways to deal with Pandemic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety and other imbalances in our lives that effect emotional and physical health/illness, including diet, supplements, isolation, sleep, and fitness. Participants should register at caringcong@follen.org and may submit a question they would like addressed by the presentation.

This presentation is paid for by a donation in memory of Arlie Langseth, long time Follen member involved in the work of Volunteer Service Network and Caring Congregation Committee for many years.  Arlie was a life-long advocate for those less fortunate and had a dedicated career as nutritionist and planner for Project Hope programs for women and children in need.