Kiva Open Meeting

Sunday, October 30, Noon–1:30 pm, Follen Library

I, as you know, am the Kiva Goat, the mascot of the Kiva Microloan Project at Follen Church. We have been looking for a few hooved or non-hooved animals to join our committee to support entrepreneurs around the world as they create self-sustaining small businesses to help alleviate poverty. Would you like to help spread the word to Follen and its dedicated community?

We are looking forward to a fun and productive Kiva season (no fleas). Kiva Sunday is November 6, and we could use your help.

If you are looking for a committee that does some really good work, has very cool committee members on it, and don’t mind a slight musky smell (that’s from the goat, not the committee members), we are the group for you. We are very flexible, creative, and supportive, and most tasks are small and can be done on your own time. You also get to match Follen community members who make new loans with recipients who reflect their preferences, and to pick entrepreneurs to loan to with money that has been paid back.

You can also help write really bad puns for the newsletter (only really bad ones). Sound rewarding? It is. Please come to our meeting for more information.