Introducing. . . Our Sabbatical Minister!

Meet Tom Schade


The Worship and Music Action Team and staff are delighted to announce that Rev. Tom Schade will serve as our sabbatical minister while Rev. Claire takes her leave this summer and fall.


Tom comes with a lot of experience in UU ministry. He served as a minister at First Unitarian in Worcester, MA for 14 years, where he was called as senior minister 2010-2013. He is currently completing a sabbatical ministry for Rev. Ellen Quaadgras (onetime Follen ministerial intern) in Rhode Island, where he lives.


Tom is very active in UUA affairs – in fact, he will be joining the UUA board of directors this summer. He is deeply informed on the issues we value. He loves parish ministry.


On top of all that: he’s a Follen kid! His father was Follen’s minister when Tom was born. We are told he was brought home from the hospital to the Parsonage – our current Marshman Center.


Claire’s time away starts June 15, and she returns December 15. Tom will serve from mid-August to mid-December. Lay leaders, ministers, and staff will organize summer services. Lay Ministers will also be available for pastoral needs while Claire is away.


Please join us in welcoming Tom to Follen.


Worship and Music Action Team