In the Interim: Thoughts from Our New Interim Director of Religious Education

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

This piece of wisdom came from Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland, and, although nonsensical like so much of Carroll’s writing, there’s real wisdom there. I’m so delighted to be beginning my time with you at Follen Church as your Interim Director of Religious Education. Here’s some biographical info about me if you need it, but I’d like also to share some “fun facts” about Deb Weiner (ask me for more info if you’re really curious):

  • I once participated in an elephant race down the center of downtown New Haven, CT
  • I played “Maria” in “The Sound of Music” in another life
  • I have been working for several years on a cookbook and run a small catering business
  • I do imitations of Ethel Merman and Miss Piggy. Seriously!

OK, enough with the amusement.

When you set the silliness aside, I want it to be known that I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to spend time with all of you at Follen Church. As a member of neighboring First Parish in Lexington, I feel like I’ve known you for a long time…through the many friends and neighbors we share in Lexington and the surrounding communities, through my connections with your minister, Rev. Claire, and with Susanne Skubik Intrilligator (from long ago at the UUA!) and your new music director, Tyler Turner. All of these connections – and more – are helping me to already feel like I’m going to have many opportunities to settle into my time with you all.

There is work to be done, and many ways to do it: I want to get to know you, your children and youth, what your hopes and dreams are for this congregation and its religious education program and what you think we can do to make this the best program possible. Please know that I’m available to you for conversation, or if you or your family find that you need a religious professional focused on faith development to talk to.

Though my ‘on campus’ hours are still being worked out, my door will be open to you. You can reach me by emailing or you can text or call my cell: 617-513- 6614. Please be patient with me as I learn your names and faces!

We begin at the beginning, and we’ll go on till we come to the end. And along the way, there are discoveries and perhaps, little miracles as well.

In faith,