In the Interim: Navigating the Waters of Change

On Sunday, Feb. 12 as the snow piled down, nearly forty Follenites gathered in the community center with UUA Regional Staff member Hilary Allen to explore the different ways that congregations, and individuals in them, experience and navigate the waters of change. Some people find change exciting, and others resist or despise it. How the members of this congregation experience it is clearly different for each of us – but it was clear, from the long list of changes that have occurred over the last four years, that there has been a lot to take in!

People who were present for the meeting seemed to feel that the time had been well-spent, although the question of where to go next with what was shared is still an open question. The roller coaster of change – and how people get from mourning, disorientation, anxiety, feelings of loss, to exploring new ways of doing things and finding new purpose, is a journey that we all take together. Stay tuned as to where this all goes, but feel free to visit my office’s bulletin board to see a graphic of the Rollercoaster of Change that we are riding on.

The waters of change also impact our life in personal ways. Many of you know, by now, of the untimely death of Eva Moresco, a vibrant 27-year-old woman who is one of the children of our beloved Sunday RE Aide, Lori Moresco. Eva’s death was sudden and we intensely feel the impact of her passing. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Eva’s family with expenses during this challenging time; if you would like to contribute, feel free to visit . Lori is out of the church office for an extended period but those of us who are her colleagues and friends will do our best to let the church community know what other ways we might identify to offer our support to her.

And then there is another kind of changing water…the kind of water that laps up against the shore on a beach. I will be seeking and enjoying it this week, while I take some time away from church for a vacation with my spouse. I look forward to discussing thorny theological issues with my cousin Harold, a retired rabbi; connecting with other members of my family who live in Florida; and finally visiting Key West and the Hemingway home and the many multi-toed cats who live there. I’ll be back in Boston late in the day on Feb. 23 and back at church on Friday the 24th. Until then, I hope there’s clear skies and peaceful days for all of you who call Follen your spirit’s home.

Faithfully yours,