In the Interim: The Only Constant Is Change

Last Sunday our Music Director, Tyler Turner, shared his vision for music ministry at Follen. The vision he laid out is invigorating and inspiring and . . . not the same as it has been.

Like Tyler, I’m learning a lot from the RE Action Team members, children, youth, and all of you about what traditions at church you most value, and what changes you want to see happen.

We, your staff, are here to partner with you – the members and friends of the congregation – in creating dynamic and transformative ministry. We are here to use our expertise, our skills, our particular ministries, to help Follen achieve the best – for its families and individual members. We are here to listen to your memories of what has been important to you, what it is you hope to build in the future; and we hope that you will engage with us as we share our vision and experience and perspectives as we see the congregation at this particular point in its life.

This congregation is in the midst of a great deal of change. While that can be invigorating for some, it can also be disquieting and anxiety-producing. It calls members of the congregation to reflect on the pieces of its history and values that are most important, and to let go of things that might not be working as well now, as the congregation matures and continues to grow. And it requires another thing: trust of the paid and called leaders of the congregation.

We are not here to keep things the same.

Some of you, reading this, may be saying, “Why not? What’s wrong with keeping things the same?” My responses are several: I don’t believe any of us would ask a professional providing a service to keep things as they have always been rather than offer the best that they have. And I wouldn’t expect that a chosen professional – a person who has studied, received advanced degrees in the field in which they serve, continued to educate themselves – to not share their learning or ideas. The same is true for congregations: we are here with you – whether for a few years or many – to bring our best, to offer it to you, to partner with you, to build a faith community that shines in all ways possible – for right now, and for the future.

I’m dedicated to trying to bring my best vision for what might help Follen build beloved holiday celebrations this year, and into the coming years, that will hold the past and integrate the present and the possible future. I hope that you will want to join me, my colleagues, and others who call Follen Church their spiritual home, in building that future together. If we can share a little trust, and a little support for one another, it just might work.

Faithfully yours,