Interested in our Action Teams?

Action Teams

Interested in joining an Action Team?

Read about our seven Action Teams in the “Action Team of the Week” features:


You are not alone at Follen Church (PCAT)
Could you use some support these days? Are you looking for more connection with others or exploring your spirituality more deeply? The Pastoral Care Action Team (PCAT) is here for you. PCAT provides caring support, both spiritual and practical, and opportunities for deeper connection and spiritual growth to all in the congregation, as we move together through the joys and challenges of life’s journey. Here’s a partial list of our programs:

  • Lay Ministry- support from wise and kind Follen members in times of need.
  • Covenant Groups– exploring spirituality together in small groups.
  • Volunteer Service Network– practical support for those in need – rides, meal delivery
  • Children and Family Support Committee- valuable information and practical support from Follenites highly experienced in education, parenting, and child development

To learn more, email Chair Maureen Mulhern at or check the web page.


If I had a Hammer …
BGAT (Buildings & Grounds Action Team) is an all-volunteer group – some highly skilled, some just committed to the work – who take on the oversight, care, and regular renewal of the church building itself, the neighboring Marshman Center and the surrounding grounds. From emergency plumbing repairs to annual all-church work-days, major re-modeling projects, and multi-year strategic plans, B&G members do it all. For more info, click here or email Chair Hugh Truslow at


Wanna go to a FHRAT Party?
If you’re looking for some fun – and finding out what goes on at Follen – think about joining the Financial and Human Resources Action Team (FHRAT). It oversees the management of Follen’s resources of people and money to help assure that the church is able to accomplish its mission. It plays an advisory role to Program Council, which has the authority to make personnel decisions, allocate funds, and approve the annual budget that is presented to the congregation at the annual meeting. You don’t need an MBA, just an interest in the church. Want to know more? Click here or email Chair Maggie Pax at


Join the Fight for Social Justice with SJAT
Follen’s social justice programs are managed and led by the Social Justice Action Team (SJAT). It’s a council consisting of leaders of Follen’s social justice programs and the congregation at large. Our work and responsibilities are defined by our Charter. If there’s a program you’d like to start, SJAT provides the organizational help and access to funding. If you are interested in joining the SJAT or simply want to learn more about its programs, contact Chair Paul Rubin (


REAT is Young at Heart
The Religious Education Action Team (REAT) is made up of Follen members and friends who love our young people! The team works in close partnership with our Director of Religious Education, Beryl Aschenberg, who develops and implements programs that support the lifelong religious educational and spiritual development of our children and youth. In collaboration with our DRE the team sets goals and objectives for our youth programming, assists with reviewing and selecting curricula, and recruits and trains volunteer teachers/advisors. In addition, the team helps families make connections and build relationships through monthly meet-ups for games and a light lunch during coffee hour. We are always happy to welcome new members! If you would like to learn more, please contact Tuna Chatterjee, REAT Chair; Margot Tracy, REAT Program Council Rep; and Beryl Aschenberg, DRE at


Can I Get an Amen? (WMAT)
The Worship and Music Action Team (WMAT) supports the work of the worship and music staff in shaping worship services, music (both in and out of worship), and special events and performances. Meeting monthly, the team works closely with the minister, lay leadership, and the music director to assure thoughtful, inspiring worship in the life of the church. Te action team is also responsible for supporting the choirs, caring for the musical instruments owned by the church, and planning for professional leadership of the music program. For more information, contact WMAT Chair Melissa Howe at


Can We CHAT?
The Community and Hospitality Action Team (CHAT) is all about having fun at Follen. It includes the Social Events Committee, which handles coffee hour every week and puts on those fabulous Follen events; the Membership Committee, which helps Membership Director Meagan Cox welcome newcomers, connect new members and keep existing members happy; and Adult Programs, which puts on events like the Food for Thought series. Can you make coffee (or grilled Brussels sprouts) for 100? Can you say hello to someone new? Can you help organize a discussion? Contact CHAT Chair Lydia Swan at