Interactive Theater for Racial Justice in Lexington

Here are two unique events sponsored by multiple organizations in Lexington. Click on the link below to register!

Moving From Words to Change: Housing
Thursday, February 25, 2021

In Lexington as elsewhere, many of us express positive, inclusive values. At the same time, we sometimes struggle with tensions between what we see as best for ourselves versus what will foster inclusivity in the community. At this interactive theater event, we invite people to share and explore these concerns with compassion and respect.
Visions of Public Safety for the Next 50 Years
Saturday, March 13, 2021


Some people would like to see changes in policing, but what would that look like? How do civilians step outside ourselves to understand police perspectives, and how do police step outside their perspectives to understand civilians, rather than talking past each other? At this interactive event, we invite people to share and explore how we can genuinely hear each other’s perspectives to innovate new visions for public safety that make sense to most people.


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