In the Interim: Tying it With Ribbons

This is my favorite time of year. I love looking at the trees and bushes and seeing more shades of green and pink and red than I ever thought possible…smelling hyacinths, lilacs, lily of the valley (my favorite flowers) and seeing the bumble bees buzzing around. I love the chill in the air at night and the warmth of the sun in the day. For the first time in the too-long winter, I feel like I don’t have to hunch my shoulders and prepare to be assaulted with the cold. It is a relief in many senses of the word, to just…exhale.

It’s also a wildly busy time for those of us whose workplace is the church. Although the view from the pews may be that things are quieting down for a drift into summer, on our side we’re seeing a line of celebratory worship services, sermons, rituals recognizing growth and transitions that need to be crafted with care…and in this year, at this church – the packing of boxes and pruning that which can get tossed before a big move (or series of them) and the start of construction. This week has involved a bit of all that:  staffing RE programs, working on the flow of rituals to mark transitions, ordering and reproducing curricula, filing, reviewing financial expenditures as the year nears its end, working on planning worship opportunities for families and youth for next year, and writing notes for my successor.

It’s a process of preparing to leave well, of tying up the pieces of this ministry with ribbons and packing them carefully so that those who follow will be able to find all the elements, reassemble them (or change them around in ways that fit) and pick up the work in its next iteration. Registration for religious education programs for next year will start soon. Meanwhile details for a celebratory ice cream party for Follen’s youngest operetta cast members – in June – are moving into place, along with plans to celebrate Follen’s graduating seniors and those who are moving into new grades and experiences.

It’s not unlike having a lot of packages, all tied up with brightly colored ribbons, to open up: each one holds a new opportunity or a new item, each is different than the next, and all have to be carefully nurtured in order to shine. You can be a part of the unwrapping – ask me or a member of the RE Action Team how to get in on the fun!



Deborah Weiner
Interim Director of Religious Education