In the Interim: The Bridge

Last Sunday I had the honor of co-officiating the worship service where we honor the congregation’s graduating seniors.  Not all of them spoke to us, but the six who did – Robin Armstrong, Tyler Carruthers, Elias Carver, Adam Harrington, Skyler Kropper, and Liam Wurtz – shared reflections that were heartfelt, expressive, and full of love and appreciation for the Follen community.  We formed a bridge that the graduating seniors walked through, to emerge on the other side as young adults, looking out toward the world, ready to take on new adventures.  Several of them said, in their remarks, “I hate to leave – but I need to go.”  And they do – to find out what is around the next turn in the road, to become young adults with new challenges and new joys and new opportunities.

I know, for a fact, that Follen Church will be here whenever they want to find it.  The community lives not only as a physical attribute, but as a gathered group of people of many ages, who carry the mission of Unitarian Universalist faith and values inside our buildings and out on the street and into the public square.  That is the great thing about congregations:  while you may ‘never be able to come home’ in some senses, your home congregation will be here for you, ready to welcome you and the person you have become.

This summer, please take a moment to think about the ways in which you can connect to our faith more deeply.  Is it through covenant groups?  Through an adult education experience like Food for Thought or by working with our teens as a Follen UU Youth advisor?  By sharing some of your energy and vision with our children as a teacher?

We’ve revised our teaching schedule to provide more flexibility for adult teachers, and more support for you as teams…while also providing more continuity and stability in our classes.  And to implement this plan, we are in search of a group of great folks who will be part of our teaching and advising team for the next church year.  And while you may be thinking, “It’s June, and September’s a long way off,” the reality suggests that September will be here before you blink…and those of us on the RE action team want you to know that if we’re reaching out to you, now, to help us implement these goals.  So — please take the time now to visit .

The summer is here, at last – but the work of religious education ministry continues.  I hope you’ll explore the ways in which you can contribute to its vitality here at Follen.  Be in touch if you want to come in and talk more, or if you want to meet for coffee just to catch up and talk about what’s going on in your life or with your family – I’d love to have that precious time of connection with you.

Faithfully yours,


Deborah Weiner
Interim Director of Religious Education