“How to Run a Meeting” Resources

How to Run a Meeting

Looking to sharpen your skills at running a meeting at Follen? You’ve come to the right place!

A terrific training session was held on Sept. 18, 2022, led by Brian Cali with the active participation of about 15 experienced Follen leaders contributing their ideas and suggestions. You can view a video of the full Zoom session (It runs about two hours). and you can also view the slide deck.

In addition, Brian provided some further support documents:

  • Some written guidance on running meetings at Follen.
  • A template for minutes.
  • A sample policy for email voting. Although email voting is allowed under the church bylaws, each committee (or governing body) every year must adopt a specific policy spelling out when and how email voting will take place.
  • A template for a long-term proxy that committee members can use if they expect to miss a lot of meetings. And
  • a template for a one-meeting proxy that committee members can use if they are going to miss one meeting, but want their vote recorded.

If you have any questions – or if you have any corrections or additions to any of the above – please email nominating@follen.org.

-The Nominating Committee