Help Students from our Partner Church

Partner Church Youths Need Your Help!

For more than 30 years, Follen congregants have made small private donations annually to help students from our Partner Church in Transylvania with education experiences. Currently, eight students there need $300 each annually to meet education expenses.

Several years ago, the Romanian government closed the middle school in Sentmihaly, the village where our partner church is.  As a result, all middle school-aged youths must travel 60 miles roundtrip each day by bus to attend school.  Their families must pay for this travel, and most find it difficult, especially since the war in Ukraine has doubled the cost of living in just two years. As you’d imagine, this same high inflation affects parents’ ability to handle other education expenses as well.

If you can donate $300 a year — or some part of it — please contact John Lempesis. John is chair of Follen’s Partner Church Committee, which works with Follen trustees and Rev. Josef of our Partner Church in Sentmihaly to deliver your donations to students’ parents.  Donations by check or other method should be made out to Follen Church with “Partner Church Scholarship” in the memo line so Follen’s Congregational Administrator Angel Portella knows where to credit it.

For more information, contact John at