What Happened This Year? Follen Publishes Annual Report 2017

Just what have we been up to at Follen since September?

SO much. From Ingathering and welcoming new staff, to our special service after the election, through Christmas and the FUUY service, right up to the Anti-Racism Resolution, it’s been a busy busy year. We are growing and changing, responding to events both personal and political, and learning how to better serve one another and the world.

For all the details please see our Annual Report 2017.

It contains

  • the warrant for our upcoming Annual Meeting, May 24
  • reports from all staff members, governing boards, and Action Teams
  • the Annual Plan for next year, and
  • the budget for 2017-18

To save trees, we don’t print paper copies for everyone. There will be a limited supply on hand on Sunday, May 21. If you take one or print one at home, please bring it along to Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 24, when we’ll be voting on Follen’s future.  See you there!