A Glimpse of Life at Our Partner Church

Jozsef Dimeny, minister at our partner Unitarian congregation in Transylvania, sent this email to Follen’s Partner Church Committee on November 5, 2016:

Our congregational life is going well. Each month there is a fairly big holiday event. The last Sunday in September we celebrated our autumn Thanksgiving, when we took communion at the worship service and gave our thanks to God for his abundant blessings. Our annual Sunday celebrating our elders was on October 16th, when we invited all our brothers and sisters over the age of 70, we celebrated them, and invited them to be our guests afterwards and created a pleasant occasion for them. At the end of November we will be getting ready for Advent making advent wreaths, which Csilla organizes, and the children and members of the women’s organization gladly take part.

Starting in September we have again started up the “Together in God’s Valley” meetings, when once a month we meet at one of the Unitarian churches in the area on a Sunday afternoon with a worship service and a presentation by an invited speaker on a scholarly or historical topic pertinent to our Unitarian heritage, and afterwards there is socializing with tea and lots of pastries. It is an excellent occasion for the area’s Unitarians to meet.

I greet all the members of the committee with love, and we think of everyone we have met with lots of love.

Jozsef Dimeny