From Rev. Tom

Rev. Tom Schade, our sabbatical minister, has left us with a few more gifts. His sermons (and other musings) are now all posted on in the service archive. He shared the following benediction with us, and it is fitting for us to share it now, with gratitude for his presence at Follen for the past four months.


There is a power at work in the Universe
A Power not Made by Human Hands
It is a creating, sustaining and transforming power
And you can trust in that power
It will be with you
Whenever you take a risk for justice
Or reach out in Love
Or extend the hand of friendship
To someone who is lonely.
You can trust that power with your heart and even your life.
So Be Unafraid
And go forth in peace.


Rev. Tom Schade can still be reached for a limited time at