From Rev. Tom: Covenant with Follen

Rev. Tom pledges his best efforts at leading worship at Follen Community Church under the terms of his contract.

He will provide suitable pastoral care within the time limits set by his contract. You should contact him through the Lay Ministry team.

He will not be providing institutional leadership for Follen, except as needed in emergency situations. He may spout off with a random suggestion here and there. You do not have to take them as authoritative.

He is not a change agent or a consultant. He is not an interim minister, but a sabbatical minister. (An Interim minister helps a congregation see their congregational patterns and opens the possibilities of change, including experimentation. A Sabbatical minister temporarily provides what the congregation expects as parish ministry in the absence of the settled minister. An Interim Minister asks “Why do you do it that way? Is there a better way to do it? Rev. Tom will ask “what would Rev. Claire do in this situation?”

There will be complete transparency between Rev. Tom and Rev. Claire. Congregants should assume that anything said to Rev. Tom will be shared with Rev. Claire. In addition, Rev. Tom will not be a way to get your concerns to Rev. Claire. He will not accept criticisms or complaints about Follen to be passed on.

Rev. Tom will attend Board, Council and Committee meetings other as requested by the church’s leaders within the time constraints of his contract. He will rarely have anything to say in meetings.

Rev. Tom pledges to be a gracious, welcoming, friendly presence on Sunday to visitors and members.