From Rev. Claire

February 16, 2022


Dear Follen,

Yesterday I began a “mini-sabbatical” and vacation time. I’ll be on leave from now until March 11th. I planned this time back in August in conversation with lay leadership, and now I am very grateful for the foresight! The timing was specifically planned for a less busy time of the church year. This year has had so many transitions–outdoor worship, indoor worship, zoom worship, multi-platform everything, screens, staff changes, Omicron and other changing Covid safety concerns…etc! I’m feeling worn down and in need of respite, rest, and recharging. I plan to spend these three weeks reading, meditating, thinking big thoughts, refilling my spiritual well, and avoiding email! During the school vacation week Feb 20-27 my family and I will be visiting our kids’s grandparents in Florida, a trip that was supposed to happen back in April 2020.

I will be back in the pulpit on March 13, when we will honor with ritual the 2nd anniversary of the beginning of our Covid lockdown. Until then, you have a series of great preachers–first, Rev. Parisa Parsa on February 20th, a member of Follen and good colleague and friend, whose expertise in dialogue and democracy will make for a fascinating way to approach President’s Day with new eyes. On Feb. 27th you’ll welcome back Rev. Aisha Ansano, a local UU minister known especially for her dinner church ministry, “Nourish.” And on March 6th, our beloved Follen UU Youth (FUUY) will lead the worship service.

While I’m away, our lay leaders have the helm, especially our President Sophie Evett, who will be in touch with me if any emergencies arise, as well as our co-Chair of Lay Ministry, Tom Blumenthal. As always, if you need pastoral care while I am away, please email

I am deeply, deeply grateful for this opportunity and privilege that allows me rest and recover. I plan to return from my time away with a rested spirit, better able to preach, pastor, and care for all of you.

In faith, hope, and love,
Rev. Claire