Sunday Morning

Joys and Sorrows

Fill this form out by 8am on a given Sunday so lay ministers can share it during the service at 10:30am.

Pulpit Announcements

Fill this form out by 8am on a given Sunday so welcomers can share it at the start of the service at 10:30am. Please follow the strict content and time guidelines.

Children and Youth

Religious Education Registration

Please register your children in our Nursery through Grade 12 RE programs. No one is turned away for lack of funds; contact DRE Beryl Aschenberg ( if you would like to discuss options. Visitors are welcome in classes or youth groups up to 3 times, after which we will ask for registration to continue attending.

Children’s and Youth Choir Registration

Please register your children for our choirs. Your input helps us have the best experience for your child. There is a nominal fee for sheet music and other expenses, but no one is turned away for lack of funds; contact Chris Eastburn, Music Director, if you would like to discuss options.

Annual Video/Photo OPT-OUT

With our increased video presence in our services, it is very important that you let us know if you choose to OPT-OUT on the Video/Photo section of this Form.

Children and Youth Medical Permission Form

All children and youth must have current permission to treat medical emergencies and health insurance information on file. Please annually with any changes.

Set Up a Meeting or Event

Room Reservations

When you need to reserve space for a Follen-related event or meeting, complete this form. Please note that if you are planning a hybrid meeting, you can ask for a Zoom link on this form.

Zoom Meeting Link Request

If you are planning a Zoom meeting, and just need a Zoom link, please use this form.

Organizing Child Care for an Event

If you need to arrange child care for an event, please consult our procedures.


Directory Update Form

If you have a new address, phone number, or any other updates, please help us keep our database current!

Covenant Group Registration

Follen’s Covenant Groups keep us socially and spiritually connected, even during a global pandemic. If you are interested in being a part of one of these groups of 10-12 Follenites, please fill out this form.


For a reimbursement, complete this form, and then EMAIL me your receipt (or, yes, if you are coming to the church, you can give it to our temporary administrator in person!).