Ways to Give to Follen Church


1) By Personal/Bank Check:  We always accept donations and gifts by check, made payable to Follen Church, which you may mail to: Follen Church, 755 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington MA  02420.

When writing checks, please note in the memo what the check is for, especially if it is a pledge.

Please note: you can set a recurring charge to your credit card or ACH, and it will happen automatically. Thank you for your generosity!


2) By Online Giving: Just click the DONATE button above to give online, and follow these steps:

Enter the amount you want to give;

Tell us how you would like us to post your donation. You may choose from the following accounts in the drop down menu:

Collection Plate;

Auction – General;

East Village Fair;

Free Christmas Trees;

FUUY Fundraising;

Holiday Flowers;

Marshman Housing Fund;

Minister’s Discretionary Fund;

Music Event;

Partner Church;

FY24 (2023-2024) Annual Pledge;

FY25 (2024-2025) Annual Pledge;

Share the Plate

Choose the frequency of your gift.  This allows you to auto-pay your donation.  If, for instance, you give 10.00 every week to the Collection Plate, you can choose the weekly option, and it will automatically charge your credit care, or deduct from your checking account via an ACH transfer – based on your choice in the next line.

Choose your method of giving: credit/debit card, or ACH Bank Transfer (eCheck).

Click on the CONTINUE button, which will take you to the page where you will enter either a credit/debit card, or your bank account information for an ACH Bank Transfer (eCheck).

If you can, add the processing fees to your donation. The transaction fees for online and text payments is small per transaction, but it adds up as an expense for the Church. We by no means require you to do this, but if you can, we urge you to add the few cents or few dollars to your donation.

Your receipt will be emailed to you.


3) By Text to Give:

The Text to Give Number is 781-285-7171:
  1. Collection Plate:  Just text the amount you want to give; the system defaults to this.
  2. 2023-2024 Annual Pledge:  amount FY24 (just need one space between amount and the account.)
  3. 2024-2025 Annual Pledge:  amount FY25
  4. East Village Fair:  amount EVF
  5. Marshman Housing Fund: amount MARSH
  6. Minister’s Discretionary Fund:  amount MDF
  7. Share the Plate:  amount Share
  8. Musical Event:  amount Musical
  9. Holiday Flowers: amount HF
  10. FUUY Fundraising: amount FUUY


If you have any questions or if you think you entered something in error, email our temporary office administrator at admin@follen.org.