CRRT 2022

Introducing a New Resource For the Follen Community!
Covenant of Right Relations Team (or CRRT)

Follen is a covenantal community, with a Covenant of Right Relations that was approved at the annual meeting in 2018. A covenant is an agreement about how we will treat each other. Although Follen is a strong and caring community, living in covenant can be hard and there are times when we need support. As with any community, it is inevitable that tensions can arise, and even conflict. When relationships in our community face challenges, differences, and struggles, we can approach these experiences as opportunities for growth, learning, resolution and healing. Repairing covenantal bonds can be both freeing and transformative for the people involved as well as for the whole community. In this spirit, Parish Board, Reverend Claire, and the Nominating Committee pulled together a team last spring, which is called the Covenant of Right Relations Team, or CRRT. The goal of the CRRT is to provide support in maintaining covenantal relations when there are tensions or conflict. The team offers an array of confidential supportive resources, such as consultation, facilitating constructive dialogue, and mediation. All of these resources are offered on a voluntary, as-requested basis. In addition, the CRRT provides educational and skill-building programs to support us in maintaining and deepening covenantal bonds so we can better succeed in living into our aspirations as a covenantal community. The CRRT has also created a document, Maintaining and Repairing Covenantal Bonds: Guidance and Resources, a customized guide for the Follen community with suggestions for best practices when relationships are strained.

The members of the CRRT team (pictured, above) are: Maggie Herzig, Tom Blumenthal, Beth Davenport, and Lex Johnson. Each member brings a variety of experience and capabilities to this new team.

Feel free to contact the team members individually or collectively with questions, to request confidential supportive resources, or to find out more about what the CRRT has to offer at: