Follen Stories

Got a Story to Tell?

Smile; with your teeth encrusted.
Rinse, flow and brush bicuspids.
You know that Colgate will undo the goo,
If You Just Smile!”

Wait, what? Follen Church was part of a dental study? The answer is, “Yes!” We invite our Follenite storytellers to share their great stories and anecdotes from the grand to the obscure history of Follen Church. What are those beautiful memories, reminiscences of people, favorite events, challenging conflicts and silly delights that stick out in your mind? If you have a tale to share, RSVP to  requesting to be added to the listserv, and we will send you a monthly topic prompt, as well as a list of potential topics to write about. Our goal with this project is to create a digital space of these stories of our wonderful Follen community.