Follen Question Box Service

I love Question Box Sunday. Below is the list of questions, some from adults, some from kids! To see my answers to the first ten questions, watch the video here!


What about Follen keeps you up at night?

Before you were a minister, why did you go to church?

How do you define “prayer”? For example, I love the pastoral prayers in the service, but they could also be called short sermons delivered in a poetic style. What makes a given set of words a prayer?

Should we put much effort into recruiting friends to attend Follen? Please recommend some methods.

Is there an afterlife? If so, what form does it take?

What is better, cats or dogs?

What is your main goal during your sabbatical?

What can be done to make Follen more racially diverse?

What is the meaning of life?  Why are we here?

Do all questions have answers?


Not answered:

What makes you cry?

Will you “publish” your favorite poems?

Why are there so many gods in the world?

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Who wins Game of Thrones?

What is your favorite food?

How do you recommend we conquer anxiety, fear, and worry in a world that seems out of our control?

Where is god when bad stuff happens?

What is your quest? (Monty Python)

How do you make peace with death?

What do you think of Mother’s Day?

How does one go about drawing a line between enabling indulgence and instructive withholding?

Claire, what do you think of competition in life? Is there room for all?

Is our God the same God as elsewhere in the universe?

Where or how does an atheist find evidence that lasting love exists or find people you can trust and be friends with?

What is the purpose of prayer if there is not a personal God listening? Who do you pray to? Why pray?

What do you expect to find when you come back from your sabbatical?

How can we practice radical welcomeness at Follen and engage with those whose views we strongly disagree with?

During your much-deserved sabbatical time will any of your family participate in Follen activities?

How can we really know?

How do you tell the difference between God humbling you and the world humiliating you?

I have occasionally—rarely—experienced a transcendence or mystical connection with the Divine. How do I hold onto faith during all the other hours, days, weeks, and years?

If we are not mothers, how can we mother?

Do you have suggestions for working mothers?

Why do we need to write questions?

Why are we under construction?

How do you cultivate a sense of wonder in your daily life?

Do you know why animals can be albino but plants can’t?

Briefs or boxers?