Follen Pulpit Restoration

Restoration of Follen Pulpit 2022

The Follen pulpit, unique and beautiful, was in dire need of repair.  We are delighted to report that our own Buildings and Grounds Action Team has found the right person for the job. Mart Ojamaa writes: “The pulpit repair and restoration was carried out beautifully by Melissa Carr, a wonderful local furniture repair and restoration person.”

There were missing carvings on the front, including several stars, bits of the laurel wreath, and sections of the candelabra, as well as chips and dings. The pulpit gets moved frequently to make more floor space on the chancel for concerts, etc, and this moving exposes it to damage.

The restoration project is now complete, and the pulpit is looking grand.

Our sincere thanks to everyone, especially Mart Ojamaa, who made this happen. We invite you to take a good look up close; it is quite a beautiful piece of our history.