Five Kooky Things Follen Members Can Do

Generously shared by Leslie Stebbins!

5 Kooky Things to Do to Help Follen Members Survive Covid-19:

  1. Sign up on Follen Members & Friends Facebook to serenade or be serenaded by 2-3 Follen musicians (who stand far apart when serenading at your window)
  2. Drop off great bestselling books you ownat the Follen Library and put a date on your pile of books. Notify of drop-off. After books have been quarantined in their separate pile for 3 days, Library Committee members with sanitized hands can set books out on table for browsing and borrowing (but not touching!). Write your name in your book if you want it returned and you can leave a “note” for the borrower if you want.
  3. Share Tips on Facebook:Share funny (or useful) tips on how to survive at home – how to make homemade hand sanitizer, how to create your own “Spa” day for one, or how to walk at Whipple Hill without getting near anyone.
  4. Group meditation or yoga– Meet in warm weather for small group meditation, yoga or tai chi – outside – and standing or sitting 6 feet apart.
  5. Share videos or images from Follen children or youth that tell what they are doing to keep busy while staying home a lot or ask them to illustrate silly ways to “distance” from other people (see image) or count how many times they wash their hands every day etc. – post to Facebook.