Faith Climate Action Week April 16-25

Faith Climate Action Week, April 16-25, 2021

The Environmental Justice Task Force invites you to join us in two actions:

  1. View Kiss the Ground, a new film about how regenerating the world’s soils has the potential to rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies (see more about regenerative agriculture at KTG Purchasing Guide). This film has been chosen as the featured film of Interfaith Power & Light’s Faith Climate Action Week, the theme of which is Sacred Ground: Cultivating Connections between our Food, our Faith, and the Climate.  It is available for viewing, April 10-26.  Please register here.  (Note: you do not need to fill in the “congregation” space to register.  You can also find the video on Netflix.) Registration will also allow access to a webinar conversation with the filmmakers of Kiss the Ground, Josh Tickell, and Veronica Kyle, April 21 at 2 pm. April 25 at 7 pm you can also join a local discussion sponsored by the Lexington Green Network which focuses on actions you can take to promote food justice and nurture healthy soils both in your backyard and in the Commonwealth.  Check here for details.  Click to register for the discussion.
  2. Beginning April 14, send postcards to the Secretary of Agriculture calling for:
    • a transition to regenerative agriculture leading to healthier soils
    • a transition to renewable energy
    • support of small / medium farmers and ranchers, especially those of color

Either print out this “postcard” on regular paper, sign, and leave in an envelope on the Marshman porch.

Or use the pre-printed “postcards” available on the Marshman porch.  Deadline is April 29.  They will be sent to IPL which will deliver them to Secretary Vilsack en masse. Thank you!

Questions? Contact the!