EVF Thanks YOU!

A message from Leslie Coney, EVF 2020 Chair:

The East Village Fair happened this year against all odds!  Thanks to all for your donations and purchases.  We exceeded our goal of raising $5000!!
A big thank you to the volunteers who helped to make it happen, in particular:
Duke Bitsko, Megan Lancaster, Hugh Truslow and Paul Rubin (the EVF Team)
Chris Seashore, Karen Ojamaa, Amy Horsburgh, Lydia Swan, Anne Engelhart, Janet Lane, Jenny Marshall, Jen Vandiver, Caroline Walters, Herman Marshall, David Armstrong, Harvy Simkovits, Alexis Johnson, Isiah Johnson, Caleb Johnson, Kyle Johnson, David Fertitta, Sytske Campbell, Paul Cohen, Sarah Jackson, Lil Swanstrom, Sarah Richards, Debbie Bartlett, Christine Dall, Karen Watson, Ginna Johnson, Rose Reiser, Jimmy McFeeley and Linda Hein for special help on Fair Day and before.

Lila Sandler, Hannah Markelz, Sydney Hart, Claudia Hart, Kyle Johnson, Isiah Johnson, Becca Johnson, Gordon Hardy and Howie Bernstein
for the wonderful music that made Fair Day so enjoyable!!
Howie Bernstein for his donation of delicious pulled pork and significant revenue therefrom!

And Follen sends a big thank you to Leslie Coney for all of her hard work!