Environmental Justice Survey

Short Survey: The EJTF Wants to Hear from YOU

The Follen Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF) is a group of Follen folks trying to focus attention on the climate crisis as well as its impact on the most vulnerable populations (climate justice). We’d welcome your help and support! As UUs, we can join forces with other congregations and community organizations to use the power of numbers to increase awareness and make change happen.
We’d like to help inform Follen about the following climate change initiatives:

  • Activities being organized by the UUA and UU Mass Action to engage UU members
  • Local groups working to raise awareness about climate change
  • Legislation currently in process
  • Easy ways that individuals can make an impact

Please reply to the survey to help us focus on topics and activities of interest.
Thank you! Leslie Coney, Anne Engelhart, Paul Rubin, Gray Watson