Follen Congregation Outside

Welcome to Follen Community Church!

This is a Unitarian Universalist community of about 300 adults and 150 children and youth that wears its heart on its sleeve, knows how to laugh and cry, and cares deeply for one another and the world.

We come from many walks of life.

We’re honest with one another about what matters. Spiritually we are diverse, yet because we have worked for years to hear and understand different perspectives, we have humanists, agnostics, mystics, theists, naturalists, and Unitarian Universalists who honor and attend to faithful observance of Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist practice.

A good way to start to get to know us is to join us for worship on Sunday morning. We’d love to see you.

We are known for many specialties.

Some call us “the Music Church,” because of our outstanding choirs for children, youth, and adults; several Concerts for a Cause performances; a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta for children and youth; and two annual “Music Sunday” services before Christmas and Easter with full-scale classical or modern music services sung by our choir.

Some call us “the Religious Education Church,” because of our longstanding focus on providing qualitative and diverse religious experiences and training for our children and youth. We have many ways for adults to learn and grow, from educational opportunities, support groups, affinity groups, and other small group ministries.

Some call us “the Social Justice Congregation” because of our commitment to both be and continually become a truly Welcoming Congregation, as well as our high proportion of articulate, passionate activists for civil liberty, world peace, and interfaith understanding. In 2017, our congregation overwhelmingly affirmed a resolution to be actively anti-racist and anti-oppression. Read Follen’s anti-racism resolution.

Over the past ten years we have brought one-third of the congregation together monthly in structured discussion groups, which we call covenant groups. New folks are especially welcomed to try this experience. We have found that it is a highly effective way to find a group of diverse, caring, wonderful friends and to share who you are, as well, in relation to the topic of the month.

One of the ways to learn more about Follen Church or Unitarian Universalism is to attend one of our introductory classes, offered a number of times each year.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Meagan Cox, Membership Director, who will make sure they get answered. (