Welcome to Follen Church!

We are an inclusive, caring and welcoming Unitarian Universalist community that fosters spiritual growth for all ages through worship, fellowship and service. Within our vibrant community we have over 420 adult members and friends, and 115 children and youth.

Religiously and spiritually we are diverse, and we seek to build authentic relationships with one another guided by our Covenant of Right Relations. Within our congregations we honor people from other faith traditions and religions, and on any given Sunday when you sit in our pews you will be joined by humanists, agnostics, atheists, mystics, naturalists, Unitarian Universalists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist practitioners, questioners and more. We invite you to join us for an upcoming worship service on Sundays at 10:30AM. That is probably the best way to get to know us!

Here are a few helpful insights:

  • We affectionately refer to ourselves as Follenites. This term includes all of our members, friends, newcomers, children and youth. We are all Follenites!
  • We celebrate being a  “Music Church” because of our wonderful choir program with offerings for children, youth and adults. Our octagonal Sanctuary provides outstanding acoustics for music including in our many worship services, two annual Music Sunday celebrations, Musical performance in June, Christmas and Easter services, and many concerts and recitals.
  • We value our young people and recognize the importance of progressive Religious Education programming. Children are welcome to visit our Religious Education classes on Sundays for up to three times before a family is asked to register. The goals of our Religious Education programming are to nurture spirits, explore beliefs and inspire action. We want to make sure that our faith community feels like a good fit for EVERYONE in your family. 
  • We recognize ourselves as lifelong learners. To that end, we offer many programs, affinity and support groups, and events for Follenites to join. Over 100 Follenites participate in our small spiritual discussion Covenant Groups that meet monthly during the church year.
  • We pride ourselves on our Social Justice work. Our Social Justice Action Team leads our congregation’s efforts and provides many opportunities for us to give back and get involved. In 2017, our congregation overwhelmingly affirmed a resolution to be actively anti-racist and anti-oppression. Read Follen’s anti-racism resolution. Additionally, we are a Welcoming Congregation open to all. If you have any questions about visiting us for the first time, check out our Plan a Visit page.
  • We host a Christmas Tree Lot every year as a fundraiser in honor of our founder, Charles Follen, who brought the Christmas tree tradition to New England when he immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1824.

… AND we make a great cup of Fair-Trade coffee for Coffee Hour after Sunday morning worship services, and we would love to share with you and welcome you into our community!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Meagan Cox, Membership Director, who will make sure they get answered. (membership@follen.org)