Six Steps to Membership at Follen Church

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Would you like to explore Follen further? Here’s how:

1. Let us get to know you.

Complete a newcomer information form to let us know how we can invite you to events that might interest you.

2. Get to know us.

Sign up for our weekly email news, so you can know what’s happening. Attend one of our introductory sessions, offered a number of times each year.

3. Become involved.

This is how you will start becoming a part of the church, and in return, the people of Follen will become a community for you.

  • Nurture your spiritual growth independently and in fellowship. In addition to attending Sunday worship services, consider joining a covenant group, singing with the choir, or participating in one of our adult program classes.
  • Enjoy the fellowship of others by coming to social events such as our Octagon dinners and soup suppers.
  • Share your time and talents by participating in one of our annual activities such as helping out with the annual church fair (the East Village Fair), selling Christmas trees, and participating in social justice activities.

We know of no better way to deepen your connection than by active engagement in a church program that matches your needs and interests.  We encourage you to fill out a volunteer opportunities form to let us know how you would like to share your time and talents with our community.

4. Support Follen Church financially.

Member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) are financially independent, self-sustaining institutions. We encourage you to make a pledge to the church. Our Stewardship Committee Chair can answer your questions.

5. Discuss membership.

Our Membership Director, Meagan Cox, is here to answer your questions and help you get further involved. Phone or email her at for an appointment.

6. Sign the membership book.

The membership book is in the parish minister’s office. Your signature can be witnessed by our minister, the program council president or vice president, or the parish board chair or vice chair. Contact any of them when you are ready to sign.

We hold special membership services each church year, when we honor those who have joined Follen during the past year as well as those who have special membership anniversaries.