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afternoon-lights-jpWhy Is Follen Known As “The Christmas Tree Church”?

Our church’s founder, Charles Follen, brought the tradition of decorating an evergreen tree for the Christmas holiday to the U.S. from his native Germany in 1832.

According to legend, Follen cut down a small fir tree from woods near his home. The tree was decorated with toys, fruit and candles.

The scene at the unveiling of the tree at the Follens’ Christmas party was described as follows: “It really looked beautiful; the room seemed in a blaze, and the ornaments were so well hung on.  . . . It was delightful. The children poured in, but in a moment every voice was hushed. Their faces were upturned to the blaze, all eyes wide open, all lips parted, all steps arrested.”

The idea of Christmas trees kind of caught on. A hundred twenty years later, in 1952, Follen Church began selling Christmas trees as a holiday fund-raiser, and it’s continued to this day. For many families, selling trees together is an annual tradition, and Follen has become known as “The Christmas Tree Church.”

Today’s Christmas Tree Sales

Come pick out a beautiful tree to brighten your holidays!

For more than 65 years, Follen has turned its parking lot across from the church into a magic scene of fragrant balsam firs, colored lights, and good cheer. The trees are grown by Mingo’s Products of Calais, Maine. Alden Mingo has been supplying Follen’s trees for more than three decades.

Everyone at the church is welcome to price and sell trees. For many, it’s a family tradition – several families now pick a time for three generations to come enjoy the lot and sell trees. You can, too!

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