Covenant Groups at Follen are a wonderful way to deepen your friendships here, engage in deep listening and deep sharing of personal life wisdom, and participate on occasion with your group in “helping projects” either for Follen or for the wider world.

Each Covenant Group is a group of 8-10 people who represent the diverse fabric of the Follen community. The groups meet monthly to nurture their members within the church. There are currently 15 Covenant Groups at Follen; about one-third of the adults in the congregation participate.

Covenant Group sessions are prepared each month by group leaders. There is a theme for each session, which is introduced through opening words and a reading. Most of each session is then devoted to reflections on this theme by the members of the group.

Visit the Congregation News page for information about this month’s Covenant Groups session.

Information and Registration

For more information or to sign up for a group, email Megan Lancaster at