The Anne Smith Room at Follen is a gallery space. We celebrate and share the creativity of the congregation.

Shows can be for people of all ages, for individuals or groups, and in any medium. We welcome all artmakers from the congregation. The gallery committee is Jane Spickett, Julianna Stockton, Kevin McCarthy, and Tempe Goodhue. Let us know if you are interested at

The current show is called “Parallel Play” and features the art of Jane Spickett and Kevin McCarthy. We are both interested in old things, maybe broken, maybe rusty. But we express that interest differently in our art – subject choices, mediums, focus. This show juxtaposes our work in a variety of ways. We have each chosen some pieces in reaction to the other’s work, and other pieces, while not specifically chosen in reaction, have been hung after consideration and discussion of how they relate. The paintings were a further exploration process. Neither of us have done much painting, and don’t think of ourselves as painters. After a lot of discussion (our tastes in poetry diverges a bit) we chose a poem as the inspiration source.


You can browse past gallery exhibits here.