Follen’s Seven Action Teams

Buildings and Grounds Action Team laying a new brick "dedication" sidewalk.
Taking action: B&G Action Team lays a new brick “dedication” sidewalk in front of the church.
Buildings and Grounds (BGAT)

B&G takes care of Follen’s physical plant and organizes clean-up days.

Community & Hospitality (CHAT)

CHAT oversees Coffee Hour and other Follen social events.

Financial & Human Resources (FHRAT)

FHRAT oversees Follen’s funds and staffing.

Pastoral Care (PCAT)

Pastoral Care helps Follenites and members of the larger Follen community in crisis.

Religious Education (REAT)

REAT oversees religious education of children and youth.

Social Justice (SJAT)

SJAT organizes Follen’s many Social Justice programs, including (among many others):

  • Follen Responds to Racism
  • The Partner Church
  • Welcoming Congregation Coordinating Committee
  • Urban Ministry collaborations
  • Immigration and Sanctuary collaborations
Worship & Music (WMAT)

The Worship and Music Action Team supports the work of the worship and music staff in shaping worship services, music (both in and out of worship), and special events and performances. Meeting monthly, the team works closely with the minister, lay leadership, and the music director to assure thoughtful, inspiring worship in the life of the church.

For more information about these teams, see their description in Follen’s Bylaws or contact Follen’s church administrator.


2021-22 Action Team Leaders and Contact Information

Buildings and Grounds Action Team:, Hugh Truslow

Community and Hospitality Action Team:, Lydia Swan

Financial and Human Resources Action Team:, Maggie Pax

Pastoral Care Action Team:, Robin Tartaglia

Religious Education Action Team:, Margot Tracy

Social Justice Action Team:, Sally Cassells

Worship and Music:, Melissa Howe

Parish Board Chair:, Lisa Snellings

Program Council President:, Sophie Evett