In the Community: Democracy, Solar Canopy, Lexington Co-op

Democracy Demands Engagement

May 18, May 26, June 15, 7-9pm, Temple Isaiah

State Rep Jay Kaufman hosts a workshop on public engagement

Read/Download event flyer for Democracy Demands Engagement

Trinity Covenant Church Dedicates Its Solar Canopy

Saturday May 20, 4-4:30, Trinity Church, Lexington

Pastor Chris Haydon and the congregation of Trinity Covenant Church would like to invite you and the people from your congregations to join us for a celebration of our newly completed solar power canopy, on Saturday, May 20th.  The attached photo shows the canopy design, which turned out to be more productive and cost-efficient than a roof installation, for our building and site.  We are excited to bring this project online, as part of efforts to bring renewable energy to Lexington and to the wider community of our state and our world.

Read/download flyer for Canopy Event

Screening of “120 Days: Undocumented in America”

Friday May 19, 7pm, First Parish UU Bedford

120 Days captures an intimate, inside look at the lives of one family of undocumented immigrants who have been living and working in the United States illegally for over twelve years.  An immigration judge grants Miguel 120 days to get his affairs in order before he is returned to Mexico.  The film documents Miguel’s last days in the USA as he weighs his options of returning to Mexico alone, or changing his name and disappearing into another U.S. city illegally to keep his family together.  In understanding their perspective, a lot can be learned about not only their plight, but also the same decisions that face millions of immigrants in America everyday.  A discussion afterward will highlight the current situation for undocumented and ways individuals can take action.  Link to film’s website

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The Lexington Co-op

Saturday, June 10, 1646 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington

The Lexington Co-op will be a place where Lexington small businesses can sell arts, crafts, services and other products “made in Lexington”. We have an application into the town to hold the co-op on a regular basis in Emory Park (every week or every month) but it has not been approved yet. While we are waiting, we have found an empty store front that has graciously offered us their space to use for a day for our first co-op. The co-op will be in the old Haven space and in the small street outside at 1646 Massachusetts Ave. It will be held on Saturday, June 10th.

For our first co-op, we will allow residents to also sell gently used items such as home goods, clothing, toys, and sports equipment.

The coop serves multiple purposes:
• Support local entrepreneurs who may not be able to afford their own retail space in Lexington;
• Serve as an incubator to develop these small, locally based businesses;
• Drive more foot traffic into Lexington Center that will benefit business there and add to the vibrancy of the Center;
• Enhance community.

Anyone is welcome to come and sell their wares here for a nominal fee of $15. Email Alice Meade.