High School Youth Group (FUUY)

Follen Unitarian Universalist Youth (FUUY) is for high school students in Grades 9-12. FUUY meets most Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30 during the church year at Follen. The meetings offer opportunities for deeper connection with one another and time for relieving stress and having fun. FUUY is youth-led and its activities are planned by the Youth Advisory Council made up of teens, Follen members serving as advisors and our Youth Program Coordinator. (fuuy@follen.org).


  • Annual Youth Worship Service
  • Coffeehouse for fund raising for youth service learning trip and other events
  • Holiday Yule Ball
  • October Youth Retreat
  • Social Justice service and learning (e.g., CityReach or local food pantries)
  • Bike Rides and other outdoor activities
  • Meetings with social change organizations (e.g., Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) or with other youth groups
  • Bridging Ceremony to recognize and honor graduating seniors

Service Learning Trip

We hope to re-instate a meaningful Social Justice oriented trip for FUUY memebers during the April vacation week. A trip of this sort typically involves fund raising activities and pre-departure education to enhance the learning experience. NOTE: If you have insights into possible service learning trip experiences, please contact Follen’s Director of Religious Education, Beryl Aschenberg, at beryl.aschenberg@follen.org.


Follen events and activities are open to all regardless of ability to pay; all participating youth must be registered in Follen’s religious education program on an annual basis. Financial aid is available