Melissa Hawkins

The nursery experience is often our children’s first encounter with the Follen faith community, and we want our families to experience it as both safe and welcoming. Melissa Hawkins has been our Nursery Coordinator for many years; this year she and long time assistant Sophie McDonald will be sharing the Nursery Coordinator position to provide a nurturing environment for the youngest children of Follen.

We welcome little ones up to four years old to play with us, as well as their adults who may need to stay with them. Nursery care is available each Sunday beginning  at 10:15am, and families are welcome to sign their children in at any time during the Church Service.  Please plan to pick up your child immediately following the Service, or in the case of RE Volunteers, once their classes have been dismissed.


2021-22 Church Year: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nursery care will be held outdoors through at least October 17; after that time we will re-evaluate best practices based on both the church Safety Policies and our understanding of the limitations of enforcing mask-wearing and social distancing among our youngest children.


A note to visitors:

You and your children are welcome at any time without making prior arrangements. All visitors will be asked to attest to lack of cold, flu, or Covid 19 symptoms for at least 24 hours prior to attending our nursery. Children who have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid 19 should not attend our program for a minimum of two Sunday after contact, or until they have a negative Covid 19 test result.


Coming In the Future:

If you need to arrange for childcare at an event, please consult the procedures. Please note that childcare services are currently suspended during the Covid 19 pandemic.